At work, these girls have constancy. This virtue makes them excellent workers, but they are not lucky enough to achieve a high position in the workplace. They are pretty and people often try to ensnare them in relationships, but these bull-headed girls usually refuse. They do not have an aggressive attitude, and when they decide to do something, it is very often spontaneous. When they make the decision to get involved in a love affair with another girl, this relationship will last a long time. They are conservative with their personal independence, and hate scenes of jealousy in front of other people.

They try to help everyone at all times. Generally these girls are in good shape, and often can be found hiking up the sides of mountains or on sports fields applying their lipstick. Gemini May June Gemini boys like love adventures and hate the routine of a long relationship. They are a pretty happy lot and enjoy the company of friends as opposed to family. When they like their job, and the payment is good, and can achieve a high social position, their work is perfect at any time of day.

When their work does not satisfy their demands they tend to be lazy. He is a progressive man and for this reason, he does not refuse his sexual orientation, but hates public manifestations about it. They do not grow old gracefully, and often dress and act like the younger guys they try to seduce. They do not accept responsibility. They are intelligent, but when near a younger man they tend to lose all control.

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They wish to get everything that is considered very hard to acquire. In love, they have the same behavior.

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They love to talk and often exaggerate. They need to know everything about everyone. When they desire something, they are very cunning at getting it. Gemini girls have a wonderful temperament, a lot of energy and a positive sense of life. They always have a solution to all kinds of problems. They are noble; their anger is never demonstrated. Their best weapon is their smile, and they are very attractive to other girls, but they have some problems obtaining true love. Sometimes when she finds it, she becomes lost in love and loses all rationality.

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Then she suffers and laments her failure. These girls are intelligent; their imagination is very powerful and they love to invent some histories. They speak until they get tired, but do not listen to other people. They are very anxious and others can see easily their nervousness. They need change; their lovers must give them something different every moment. Avoiding routine is very important in a relationship with a lesbian Gemini. They hate monotony. They start new activities, like knitting or rugby, with their lovers, but never follow through to see something finished.

They are hot-blooded and like living passionate love stories in the limelight. Cancer June 22 — July Cancer boys are very sensible. They are kind; this characteristic of theirs is taken advantage of by their friends.

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They love their family and friends equally. They adore their lover unconditionally and almost always forgives any mistake made by him. But the ability to easily forgive leads to much suffering. These boys live their sexuality very intensely. They cannot freely admit their love to others. In a relationship they wait for the other boy to take the initiative. They are pretty melancholy and sometimes prefer silence before defending themselves. If you want to flirt or begin a love relation with a Cancer, it is commendable to bring him a flower bouquet, serenade him beneath his window and burn a lot of scented candles.

Cancer girls are quite feminine, and tend look for a more masculine girl to dominate them.

They love home and work, but not homework, and need to have everything put in order for when their girlfriends return home. They wait for their lover with an elegant seduction and a wonderful dinner, often chicken cordon bleu. These girls are quiet and suffer all their lives. They do not make a decision easily. They hate separation and are afraid of loneliness. They are very sensual and enjoy making love. They are imaginative and very creative, but there is always routine in their lives.

Their lives, more or less, evolve around their girlfriends.

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These girls are perfect to be in a relationship with, but their wills are not strong and they will let their lovers lace up their combat boots and walk all over them. Leo July 23 — August Leo boys have strong characters, if they decide to live openly, they will be most flamboyant. They like adventures in love and harbor some false feelings toward their lovers. They enjoy playing with the feelings of others but need to be loved and wanted anyway. They are very intelligent, and love to work.

They are fortunate enough to obtain high job positions and have an excellent economic situation. A lot of gay boys want to have a relationship with this boy. Their behavior is usually comical and slapstick. They are arrogant and want to be noticed. They are too emotional, and do not fall in love very often, but when they do there are rockets flying through the air and ships coming into port.

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They are always sure of themselves because they know a big star illuminates over them. This is one of the most daring and valorous gays of the zodiac. They love situations and accepting big dares. Leo girls have a character and temperament as strong as the Leo boy. Sometimes they think that they are men and so act like them by growing goatees. They are intelligent, valorous and decided, enjoy working and are lucky in life. They love having short romances and are capable of many short term relationships. They like to have serious discussions with their lover. Their behavior is dominating all time, especially over their girlfriend; they cannot lose control over their lover.

A relationship with a Leo girl is very difficult, although they are good people and have a good heart. They need to get first place in everything they do. These girls are highly organized and have the strongest sense of loyalty.

Virgo August 23 — September Virgo boys are noble and valiant. They have a strong dedication to their lover. They dream of a prince to carry them away, but this prince never arrives and so they listen to German opera and cry alone in their rooms. Recognizing their sexual orientation is not easy, but when it is accepted, they defend their gay pride and live it strongly. They are very reserved and do not like to let the public know about their romances.

These boys know something about everything, specifically, with their lover. If you want to conquer the heart of a Virgo boy, you must know every detail about him. When they are falling in love, they are very romantic, but once in love they become destructive. They are very good workers and give their heart with all intensity. When they have a boyfriend, they have a big imagination about sex, usually involving bondage wear.

Generally, they are not luckier but their perseverance and their intelligent let them go farther in life. They are independent and all the time need to feel free.

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Sometimes they are cold, but in their soul they are noble. They do not let others discover their real personality. They can offer a lot of love, but nobody should play with their feelings.