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January Who was born on January 30 is subtle, intuitive - they stand out due to their inherent sense of humor. January 30 Birthday Horoscope They are.

You also can become a thought leader in your industry or teach others your expertise—think TED Talk. Use your words, Scorpio! The North Node in chatty Gemini transits your intimacy, sexuality, and truth-sharing zone all year. You're notoriously guarded, but this transit wants you to balance your need for privacy with brave self-disclosure. As you speak out, Jupiter and Saturn in your Aquarius-ruled family and home zone helps you find the people, places, and feelings that keep your tender heart safe.

In the spring and summer, Jupiter moves through your Pisces-ruled confidence zone, helping you step out and show out. The South Node moves through your Sagittarius-ruled income zone all year, motivating you to find a more optimistic relationship with finances—tricky, I know, especially now, but this transit is here to help! Get ready to take a ride on the rollercoaster of love! Your self-worth is closely tied to your money, and this year, the Universe is pushing you to own the magic you bring to the workplace.

You could land a gig paying you more, or decide to strike out on your own. Either way, this year is changing how you earn your coin. And thanks to Uranus challenging the norm in who you want to work with all year long, new collab opportunities can change the way you do biz entirely. It takes two…or more, Sagittarius! The North Node in your Gemini-ruled romantic relationship zone all year is helping you find experiences where you can balance your love of freedom with your desire to connect with others.

The best relationships have both, after all. Jupiter and Saturn transiting your Aquarius-governed communication zone throughout the year remind you of what you already know—your speaking and listening skills play a huge role in your life. Smooth out those miscommunication errors and choose your words carefully! Give yourself an inner makeover for greater integrity and success.

Letting go of past romantic hurts is hard, but you have the opportunity to connect with someone special if you release the fear you have within.

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This is a year of self-evolution for you, and the Universe is confirming that your work relationships are on par with where you're going. Not only that, but your daily work routine is set to completely evolve. It's all about the details, Cap! The North Node in your Gemini-ruled wellness zone all year helps you think about how little choices lead to huge results.

Take small steps towards making your big dreams come true. The South Node in Sagittarius all year helps you find closure through a spiritual practice or forgiveness strategy. Healing is yours, Capricorn!

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This will allow your relationship to evolve by the time of the eclipse on November Financial transformation is the theme of your year. You could feel the need to go from employee to entrepreneur and do your own thing. Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius are influencing your earned income and charging up your creativity. An innovative opportunity can change the game for you. This is a year of destiny for you, Aquarius!

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First, the North Node is in Gemini all year, helping you get comfortable with being "seen," taking the lead, and speaking out about what you want. Then, Jupiter and Saturn enter your sign!

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Jupiter wants you to have faith, hope, and optimism—stay true to yourself, and the Universe will make your dreams come true. Saturn wants you to work on the traits you need for success, like resilience, adaptability, and vulnerability—it's all about preparation! Change in your home life can influence the trajectory of your career. Perhaps you start a side hustle that ends up making cash, or you land a job with creative flexibility, especially during the Solar Eclipse in Gemini in June.

Roll with the changes. Right now, you want to be sure that you love what you do for work—and if you don't, you'll dedicate yourself to changing that. Jupiter and Saturn move through your Aquarius-ruled completion zone this year, helping you find break free from the situations, people, and places that are holding you back.

Make big moves in late spring and early summer, when you'll get a little help from Jupiter in your sign. Take risks, name your desires, and then run straight towards them! The South Node in your Sagittarius-ruled career zone all year helps you break bad habits that prevent you from professional success like procrastination, perfectionism, and comparison. You got this, Pisces!

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Most of your year will involve quiet, private preparation for major changes, maybe even entirely changing careers or industries. Eclipses signal transformation, and you will experience one Lunar Eclipse and Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius that shake up your professional life.

You'll get a sneak peek at your career future this spring when Jupiter enters your sign for two months, sending some good luck your way! Anything you start this year a bakery? This could be your most successful year ever, Taurus Moon…if you Put! Start building up your resilience for long nights at the virtual office or perfecting your side gig or both. Even better: All that effort will help you find inner peace as well as cash.

Yes, you can have both! Learn how to roller-skate forward before you go backward—and wear knee pads. You already know: was even worse for Cancer Moons than everyone else. Jupiter and Saturn in your 7th house of relationships are clearing out clutter like that FWB you keep taking back and giving you a massive glow-up like meeting a new cutie. Start with figuring out some self-care.

And yes, that means start going to sleep before 2 a. Schedule plenty of me-time to think about your past and present and future , journal, go to therapy, maybe write a memoir? The changes coming your way could be overwhelming—even for you! Go ahead and get started by trying out a new hobby or taking a fresh online class. Bliss is yours. Like, perhaps, by pulling up some weepy, nostalgic childhood memories and seeing them through your grown-up lens.

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