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Fortunately, neither one of them mind a stormy relationship. The Aries archetype is that of the warrior, and there is nothing an Aries man loves more than a good fight! Most Aries men are good at sports, and it is highly likely that he has a trophy case full of medals. He most certainly hates to lose! In relationships, an Aries man wants to be dominant, but he also wants a challenge.

In some ways, he may seem like a male chauvinist, and indeed, he will probably talk like one. Yet, he finds strength in women very sexy. He respects a woman who will stand up to him and not let him push her around.

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Find out through our guide here how you can subtly get your Aries man to chase you. As mentioned in our interesting facts about Aries guide, an Aries woman is as strong and tough as an Aries man.

Aries compatibility table

However, she is less likely to have been encouraged to develop and show her strength, particularly if she is older. This makes her a little more complicated than an Aries man. Just as with an Aries man, it is very likely that she is good at sports and that she has a fair amount of trophies of her own. When it comes to relationships, an Aries woman is a contradiction. She is just as bossy and controlling as an Aries man. On the other hand, she will have absolutely no respect for a man that she can completely dominate. Indeed, she would make such a man miserable assuming she got together with him at all.

She will put any man through his paces, especially at first. She wants and needs someone who is her equal or even her superior in the things that matter to her.

Aries and Aries Compatibility: Can a Relationship Work?

The relationship between the two will continue in this way until one or both of them challenge each other to a competition. They will develop a mutual respect for each other as a result of it, and it will ignite their passion for one another. The rest will be history. The nature of this competition will probably be her trying to prove that she is just as good as he is at whatever the challenge is.

Their sex life will be hot and passionate, and they love competition with their partner in the bedroom. It will likely be just as much of a competition as every other aspect of their relationship. What they do would likely frighten a less fiery pair. They will enjoy themselves tremendously though. As we alluded to in our guide on how to seduce an Aries man , this is especially true for him. What may work wonders in the bedroom will be hard to manage in the day-to-day running of a household that is required in a long-term marriage.

Aries Man and Aries Woman Compatibility in 2021

In most marriages, each partner settles into what each is good at. With an Aries man and Aries woman, however, neither will ever acknowledge that the other is better than them at anything. Also, it is highly unlikely that either of them will have any real interest in housework or other household chores. If they are both good at the same sport, this will help ease the tension, because they can work off their anger in training and competition. Yes, they will both have their own separate interests, but they need to find ways to compete with each other in healthy ways.

This will help maintain their mutual respect for each other. If their children are Fire signs Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius like them, everything will be just fine.

Aries Man and Aries Woman Compatibility: Love, Sex, and Chemistry

This will be aggravated by the fact that Water children are usually at least a little empathic and thus will be upset by the constant bickering between their parents. Aries parents need to consciously develop a sense of chivalry towards their children, particularly if they have sensitive ones. Whether an Aries male and Aries female can work together will depend on how well they can manage their mutual competitiveness. On the other hand, they will both want to lead and take charge. Foreplay is a race and happens in a blink. Aries wants to get down to the nitty-gritty. They need action.

They see foreplay as an unnecessary delay. The physical connection and the desire for fulfillment drive them. Often the result and the post-sexual period matters little as well. The good news is that in there is a chance for the relationship to work.

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An Aries personality will understand another Aries persona. They might be able to make allowances for one another. Neither partner is seeking candlelight dinners or poetry readings by the riverside. The Aries and Aries relationship needs to have desires in alignment.

Aries + Taurus = Love and General Compatibility

Aries takes forever to trust, especially when we are talking about another Aries. This is because Aries knows another Aries well. One Aries partner will suspect that the relationship is about physical connection. They might be right. The other Aries partner will have to earn trust over the course of time.

Hence, it is imperative that the Aries and Aries match approach love at a slow and steady pace. It gives time for the natural evolution of the relationship. The people in an Aries and Aries match are confident, strong individuals. This confidence makes the transition from dating into the bedroom all too easy. The fiery attraction Aries and Aries love match have for one another can lead them down a road to trouble. Of course, this is if they are not careful.

If this Aries and Aries couple decide to follow impulse or serve their immediate gratification, problems begin. They are overlooking important relationship building blocks. Sex and love are about give and take. With Aries being having a mindset for action, they are prone to miss out on the needs of their lover. Of course, they have no trouble addressing their own. Mars ruling Aries makes them have a warrior attitude too. This means disagreements rear their ugly heads. Problems happen when one or both partners experience an ounce of dissatisfaction.

Unless one or both parties are prone to logic, hurtful words flow with the ease of a waterfall! Resentment brews hot and quick. It is common for Aries personalities to leave emotions out of the sex equation. This makes it difficult to achieve a level of intimacy that love requires. It diminishes the chances for the continuation of the relationship. Aries and Aries know all about sexual satisfaction. Unless one partner understands emotional intimacy, this relationship faces problems.

Aries and Aries compatibility diminishes with a lack of openness in the relationship. This pair often loses themselves on the road to love. They tend to get off on the nearest exit to sexual gratification only. Remember, Aries has the warrior heart and mind.