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January Who was born on January 30 is subtle, intuitive - they stand out due to their inherent sense of humor. January 30 Birthday Horoscope They are.

You may also feel a little restless, and want to branch out of your usual routine for a few ways. Switching up your routine or just getting out of the house for a little will be necessary. Read your weekly horoscope below. March 21 — April You are prioritising your career this week, Aries, with the sun and Mercury in your 10th house.

Your job responsibilities might be changing, and as a result you could receive more money.

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

You may be inspired to map out the career goals that you want to tackle over the coming year, and you could be signing contracts or committing to new projects. In addition, writing and speaking may be playing a larger role in your job at the moment. April 21 — May You might be reading and researching super intensely, and wanting to know all about a certain subject.

You may also feel called to write more, or push to get your work published. May 22 — June You might be figuring out how you can improve upon certain parts of yourself moving into the new year. You might be reading a lot of self-help articles or realising that you need to release yourself from certain behaviours or toxic relationships. You could also be focused on your finances, and you might be investing money or paying off credit card debt.

June 22 — July You might be collaborating with someone on a project at work, or you could be spending a lot of time with a close friend.

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You may also be turning more of your attention towards a romantic partner, and discussing the future of your relationship with them. July 23 — August You could also be strategising on what job skills you want to strengthen, as well as what work projects are worth your time moving forward.

In addition, you might be setting intentions to live a healthier lifestyle moving into the new year. You could be stocking up on vitamins or committing to a regular exercise routine. August 23 — September You might be spending time alone with an artistic hobby, or you could be relaxing and taking pressure off yourself at work. You may also feel called to start writing creatively or performing, or you might just be open about yourself on social media.

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You could be pursuing new romantic interests as well, or hearing from your friends frequently and feeling social. September 24 — October You could be processing emotions surrounding an old relationship or situation, and seeing how they still affect you today.

On the other hand, you may be thinking about how you want to decorate your home, or where you want to move in the future. October 24 — November You might have people reaching out to you a lot more, or you could be forming new friendships online. In your relationships, you might be working on your communication skills as well and learning not to be so private with your thoughts and emotions.

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  8. November 24 — December New projects might be coming in that will give you more money, or you could be thinking about asking for a raise at your job. However, you could be spending more money too, as you splurge on yourself or buy a lot of last-minute holiday gifts. December 22 — January On Monday, December 21, the Sun hunkers down in Capricorn and your industrious second house. Horoscope..26th July to 1st August 2020.

    If there are any loose ends to tie up before , see what you can handle without overloading yourself. Then map out a schedule for finishing up the rest after the ball drops. The clearer you can be about your big goals now, the quicker you can commit to initiatives that support them. Later on Monday, a rare as in once every twenty years cosmic event called The Great Conjunction arrives with the winter solstice. For the first time since May 28, , Jupiter and Saturn will make an exact connection in the skies.

    Weekly Horoscope - Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 28 December, - 3 January,

    Have an attorney draft a contract and expect to negotiate back and forth a bit before you make it official. An existing partnership could reach a crossroad. With your communication house lit, the Great Conjunction could herald a renaissance for writers, broadcasters and media-minded Archers.

    Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope from December 21 to December 27

    Step up to the mic, Sagittarius, whether you're doing stand-up comedy, dropping rhymes or teaching an online workshop! You can get frustrated and mope, OR you can mine this "restricting" transit for insight. Why are you so eager to tear into that work or relationship? Have you thought through all the potential outcomes and consequences? Then, try it from the other direction: What would happen if you stopped pushing so hard and found a way to accept the situation as it is right now?

    Are you trying to impress someone; compensate for feelings of inadequacy?