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January Who was born on January 30 is subtle, intuitive - they stand out due to their inherent sense of humor. January 30 Birthday Horoscope They are.

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NH Studioz. Ethnic Channel. Early life[edit] He was born in GDD Studio. Transform this desire into seeking soul growth through understanding and wisdom, which can perhaps best be obtained through relating to others in partnership relationships. There can also be issues concerning abuse, sex and power.

A deep sense of hurt from the past may also be felt. Limitations, obstructions and problems may be experienced with inheritances, other people's money, one's sex life, taxes and insurance. Attitudes toward sex may cause difficulties. A strong sensual nature requires restraint. Moon in 10th house What others think is very important to you.

A desire for achievement can dominate your feelings. You may hold a public position managing or dealing with change, women or publicity. You have a personal charisma which enables you to influence others. Many changes of career are possible.

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You feel a need to be socially useful to society. Concerning vocation: You desire a take-charge position within work situations. Your individuality is emphasized, often to the point that no subordinate position within work can be easily tolerated. Your emotions must becontrolled.

Uranus in 2nd house You can earn money in original and inventive ways. You may value money for the freedom it gives you to pursue your inner talents, which may be rare and unique. Neptune in 4th house You may experience a sense of inner uncertainty, insecurity and confusion. Unexplainable fears and anxieties may cause you to withdraw from living.

You idealize the home environment and it may be, in reality, more in your imagination rather than in fact. A spiritual tie with one or both 5. A desire to live by the sea is not uncommon with this position. You may have vague recollections regarding your true roots and this uncertainty may cause difficulties. Remember, with Neptune, things are not as they appear and you need to face reality in your home environment and with respect to your parents rather than what may be in your imagination and sub- conscious.

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Pluto in 2nd house You have financial ability with keen judgment, patience, energy, and will. You may possess unusual talents. This placement may give an inordinate desire for money and possessions. Watch the tendency to view loved ones as possessions. You may see money coming and going in order to de-emphasize its importance. Detachment may be necessary. You must learn to spontaneously share all possessions with others.

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Integrity in money matters is essential. Others may seek to control your resources and possessions or you may be quite demanding and controlling with your own resources, monetary and otherwise. People born under this sign loves freedom, and will accept any challenge. They will get impatient if your ideas do not work out immediately and as expected. They are unwilling to follow someone else's suggestions, especially if they do not make sense to you. They often have excess energy which can make them aggressive. Arians are brave leaders who express care and concern for all they lead.


Keeping yourself silent will help you a lot throughout the week. Work schedules will be difficult to handle and time-consuming.

It would help if you planned well to handle the tasks efficiently. Delays may be possible for you to execute your tasks.

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Maintaining the right level of patience will also do wonders for you. Money flow will not be encouraging and you will have to face mounting expenditure. Fluctuations may be present concerning financial matters. It would be best if you handled the same with some caution.