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Mercury as sole dispositor it will be in Gemini or Virgo signifies a person who is curious about everything, and thinks about everything, or maybe thinks all the time, and always wants as many of the facts about a situation as can be obtained. When this sole dispositor is in Gemini there is an edge of cleverness and aliveness in everything they do. If the dispositor is in Virgo the person is thorough, perfectionistic, and attends to the details of everything he or she touches.

Synonyms and antonyms of dispositor in the English dictionary of synonyms

They may also be constantly critical about everything. Venus as sole dispositor it will be in Taurus or Libra signifies a person who is artful in everything he or she does, wanting to bring a sense of beauty and excellence to all endeavors. The person may be a natural peacemaker — especially when the sole dispositor is in Libra.

At worst this individual could be selfish or greedy or lazy — the negative manifestations of Venus. Mars as sole dispositor it will always be in Aries or Scorpio signifies a person who is aggressive in everything they do. They approach life with a lot of energy and autonomy, and have a great urge to both create and destroy — for instance they might enjoy clearing a field, or tearing down a house that is no longer needed.

There is an edge of aggressiveness about everything they do. Jupiter as sole dispositor it will be in Sagittarius or Pisces signifies a person who is enthusiastic, positively motivated, and tends to always have an optimistic attitude. They think in big terms, possibly too much so, to the extent that they might fail through taking on too much. They always have to beware of going too far, saying too much, etc.

Saturn as sole dispositor it will be in Capricorn or Aquarius signifies a person who is very serious, who may take a long time to do things or to develop. Also a person who can be very organized or structured.

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They may have difficulty having fun, and childhood might be a lot more uncomfortable for them than it is for most people. They might tend to seek out people who are older and wiser from them to learn from. They can be very persevering in what they do, and may tend to be happier with a simple life than one in which they have too many things to do.

Sole Dispositor. In this case, there is no sole dispositor because: The sole dispositor of a chart is a planet in its ruling sign that all the rest of the planets in that chart can be traced back to, when we look at the rulers of the signs they are in. The Works of John Sandbach.

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Sole Dispositor

The Role of Dispositors. The importance of dispositors has long been recognised as an essential principle of Parashari Jyotish. If the said dispositors are in such evil houses in turn and be associated with or aspected by malefics, the native will be miserable and indigent. And again in shloka Ch. If all these are disposed in angles and trines from the natal ascendant, or be exalted, Kalpadruma yoga exists.

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One with this yoga will be endowed with all kinds of wealth, be a king, pious, strong, fond of war, and merciful. From these slokas we can understand the importance given to dispositors in traditional Vedic astrology. There is never any question that bhava lords carry the significations of the houses they own - why then would we assume that the bhava lord does not also carry forward the influence of the grahas it disposits.

This is best illustrated in the following chart, shown below in both the South Indian style and Vedic Wheel style.

Mercury as Final Dispositor

Apart from the planet's position, strength, and aspects of other planets, there are two very important considerations which are often ignored when assessing the results of planets in each house. The first of these considerations is the position and strength of the planet's dispositor, as demonstrated in following example. This chart shows Ketu's dispositor, lagnesh Saturn, occupying 6th house of service enemies and disease in sign of great friend.

According to scripture, Lagna 1st house signifies our innate nature, character, psychological make-up, our general welfare, health, and our status in society social level. Ketu's dispositor Saturn well-placed in 6th denotes that the native may be drawn towards some kind of service. What kind of service might be known by considering the position and strength of Saturn's dispositor. In this instance, dispositor of Ketu's dispositor Mercury , is enjoying exaltation in 9th house of dharma, guru, religion, Vedas etc..

Jyotish, a limb of the Vedas, is seen from this auspicious house. Another important consideration when assessing the placement of individual planets is the position and strength of their nakshatra lord.

As an example, the above chart has Ketu in lagna occupying nakshatra of Shravana, lorded by Moon. Moon placed in 10th house signifies the general public whilst 10th karma bhava deals specifically with our actions in society. Move mouse over each nakshatra below for more information.